Friday, September 19, 2014

Will voters support tax increases for government pay raises?

First the good news, state revenue is currently projected to grow by $2.75 billion (8.2%) over 2013-15 for use in the 2015-17 budget. The bad news according to the Office of Financial Management (OFM): "OFM projects revenue growth for 2015–17 will fall far short of what will be needed to maintain current services, cover mandatory increases and provide an additional $1 billion to $2 billion to meet the state’s constitutional basic education obligations" . . . READ MORE

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Will the state Supreme Court Jump the Shark?

Responding to today's unanimous contempt order against the Legislature by the State Supreme Court Governor Inslee said: "This unprecedented action by the Supreme Court is a critical moment in our history."
Everything about this statement is true. Not only is the Court's contempt order against a co-equal branch of government unprecedented but what may come next could lead to a doomsday scenario against voters . . . READ MORE