Thursday, October 29, 2009

Open Government Task Force Meeting Nov. 2

The Open Government Task Force created by State Auditor Brian Sonntag and Attorney General Rob McKenna will have its final meeting on November 2 to vote on recommendations to improve enforcement of the state's open government laws. Currently the only option available to citizens is to file a lawsuit if they disagree with an agency's opinion on whether a record should be disclosed. State Auditor Brian Sonntag noted at the October 5 Task Force meeting that there has to be a better way for citizens to access government records without having to resort to lawsuits. Attorney General Rob McKenna agreed highlighting the fact that every other area of law has an administrative mechanism for addressing concerns. The reason is administrative mechanisms are faster and more cost effective than relying solely on court relief. Unfortunately, Washington lacks this type of recourse for enforcement of the state’s open government laws. On the agenda for Monday's meeting . . . READ MORE


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